Welcome to the Central Pain Syndrome Foundation website.


Welcome to the Central Pain Syndrome Foundation website. We are working to make our site a well-designed resource for CPS sufferers, supporters, the public, and medical professionals.

The CPSF was started by a highly committed group of CPS patients and their loved ones who are desperate to find a cure for this disabling neurological pain condition. We strive to provide up-to-date CPS information including causes, treatments, patient stories, website links and other important details to help you deal with CPS and remain hopeful while waiting for a cure.

In keeping with the CPSFoundation’s motto ‘You Are Not Alone’, our front page features pictures and information about a few CPS sufferers and supporters. Here are links to each of their pages.

We are incredibly pleased that the Huffington Post chose Central Pain Syndrome as a subject for a live webcast on Thursday February 28, 2013-National Rare Disease Day. We are appreciate them helping us reach more people via the worldwide web. We will continue to strive to make CPS a well known disorder.

Now that we have a professional-looking website, we will report on the progress of the CPS Foundation and share medical information about CPS and pain with you. We will also share the biographies, stories, poetry, videos, and art of CPS sufferers.

We will make this website into an important resource in our battle to defeat the agony of Central Pain Syndrome. Please share our website and posts with your friends and family.

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The Power of a Diagnosis

The CPS Foundation’s theme for 2016 is ‘The Power of a Diagnosis’


We will be introducing topics to enhance conversation on this page and the CPS group page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/73987647329/

Please feel free to tell us what you think of this year’s theme!