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The Power of a Diagnosis

The CPS Foundation’s theme for 2016 is ‘The Power of a Diagnosis’


We will be introducing topics to enhance conversation on this page and the CPS group page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/73987647329/

Please feel free to tell us what you think of this year’s theme!


4 thoughts on “The Power of a Diagnosis”

  1. Wow… what timing. 🙂 I was diagnosed 8 years ago at Cleveland Clinic. A new pain doctor actually wiped it off my record. He also said the “everyone has small fiber neuropathy”. He didn’t look at any of my records or tests and didn’t examine me but to look at my hands and put that I had arthritis! When I told him the pain was so bad I felt like I could explode at times, he said, “You feel like you have demons in you?” What the bleep?

    1. Kimberly, you wrote a lot in that short paragraph. The power that doctors have over us with just a few strokes of their pens! I’ve found that most doctors do not seem to even know about CPS. It’s too bad your guy wouldn’t at least have looked up what you were saying about your condition and refreshed his memory, perhaps, before writing things that can impact your life and your ability to obtain effective pain mgmt! About the pain in your hands, I also have a lot of pain in mine, as well. It is interesting to hear someone else experiencing this form of CPS. For me, it especially affects the fleshy area below my thumbs. It only comes on if I am very late on my pain medications. Like a lot of my symptoms. I have been down that road with doctors who don’t care and those who seem ignorant of my condition altogether, yet their pride deictag that they make some sort of diagnososis. Theyy are not psycho9logists but they make reports such as the one you saw who asked if you felt you had demons (ridiculous!). God bless you in your journey, and I think this is an excellent topic for this site to discuss! Getting the right diagnosis is imperative and until a patient gets to the right doctor and gets the right dx, he/she faces a long, uphill struggle!
      I apologize for any typos in the last six lines, my PC has the 3 boxes to fill in with email info etc hovering over those lines and I can’t see what I’ve typed!

  2. Thank you so much for commenting Virginia. It just feels so wonderful to have someone to talk to who truly understands. I look forward to people discussing more & am grateful this site has site/organization has been set up & for all working behind the scenes. Much love to you.

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