About the CPS Foundation

We are a group of Central Pain Syndrome patients and supporters who have come together to fight this crippling disease and the ignorance that surrounds it.

The mission of the Central Pain Syndrome Foundation is:

  • To increase understanding of Central Pain Syndrome, its symptoms, causes, and treatments;
  • To help ensure quality medical care for those suffering from CPS;
  • To energize science to find a better treatments, and eventually a cure for the disease;
  • To improve the lives of patients, their caregivers and families;
  • To create a network of people dedicated to achieving these goals.

90 thoughts on “About the CPS Foundation”

  1. My friend has it, he developed after mTBI, we found that COQ10 seems to be working good for the management of terrible pain arising from this condition.

    It makes sense as one doctor says here: https://www.researchgate.net/post/Given_the_high_incidence_of_chronic_pain_in_patients_with_traumatic_brain_injury_what_mechanisms_might_explain_this_association

    “post traumatic nrain injury results in the activation of microglia activity and the generation of oxygen radicals. Because once micoglia is activated its difficult to stop their ongoing, pain propagating activity resulting în long-lasting chron pain which is difficult to treat with the usual pain medication. Non pharmacological approches using oxygen radical scvangers present an option”

    We are researching about lidocaine IV, as dr. Frank Day had interesting things to share on the same page, he said on his first post “If central pain is involved I used to get pretty good results using iv lidocaine in doses similar to those used to treat cardiac arrythmias. 100 mg bolus will commonly eliminate the pain. (might also fix RSD) Occasionally it doesn’t come back. Worth a try.”

    We are researching what kinds of effects this lidocaine would have.

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