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TheĀ Central Pain Syndrome Foundation gained 501c3 status in 2015, making your donations tax deductible.

Help us work toward our mission:

To increase understanding of Central Pain Syndrome, its symptoms, causes, and treatments;

To help ensure quality medical care for those suffering from CPS;
To energize science to find a better treatments, and eventually a cure for the disease;

To improve the lives of patients, their caregivers and families;
To create a network of people dedicated to achieving these goals.

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Welcome to the Central Pain Syndrome Foundation Online Home

Louise Mowder, Director of the Central Pain Syndrome Foundation, inspired the formation of the CPSF with her Message from Hell video.

We will use this website to:

  • report on the growth of the Central Pain Syndrome Foundation
  • ask for your help
  • reach out to the CPS community
  • educate medical professionals, CPS patients, and the public
  • report on advances in CPS research and treatment

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