Doctors in the U.S.A. who understand Central Pain Syndrome

Name/Specialty Facility Contact Information Treatment Methods
Dr. Brandon Johnson MD
Internal Medicine
East Alabama Medical Center 2000 Pepperell Pkwy
Opelika, AL 36801
Phone: 334-528-4411
Medications & other treatment options
Dr. Dale Di Stefano MD
Newport Doctors Medical group 401 Old Newport Blvd
Suite 201
Newport Beach, CA 92063
Phone # 949-645-9996
Dr. Christine Sang  MD
Pain Specialist
Brigham and Womens Hospital 75 Francis Street
Boston, MA  02115
Phone: 617-525-7246
Dr. Sally Mrvachak MD
Internal Medicine
Eric B. Chandler Health Center 123 Church Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 732-235-2052
Dr. Robert Duarte, MD
Neurology & Pain medicine
Long Island Jewish Medical Center Pain & Headache treatment Center 611 Northern Blvd
Suite 150
Great Neck, NY 11021
Phone: 516-325-7070
Dr. Alan C. Carver MD
Affiliated with Mt. Sinai Hospital 5 E 98th Street
# 1139
New York, NY 10029-6501
Phone: 212-831-1473

1275 York Ave
New York, NY 10065
Phone: 800-525-2225
T. Erik Borresen, MD
Mecklenburg Neurological Associates 1900 Scott Ave
Charlotte, North Carolina,28203
Phone: 704-334-7311
Medications/Pain control options
Lamar Moree, MD
Pain Management/Anesthesia
Phoebe Putney Health System 406 First Ave
PO box 1227
Albany, GA 31701
Phone: 229-439-9400
Dr.  A. Patrick Jonas MD
Family Health
Family Health Connections 2633 Commons Blvd
Suite 120
Beaver Creek Ohio, 45431
Phone: 937-427-7540
David Krencik, DO 1675 E Mt Garfield Rd 1675 E. Mt Garfield Rd
Muskegon, MI 49442
Phone: 800-281-3237
Nerve Blocks
Gerald Michael Lemole, MD
University of Arizona Medical Center 1501 N. Campbell Ave
Tucson, AZ  85724
Phone: 520-694-8888
Dr. Claudio Feler  MD
Neurosurgery/Chronic Pain
Semmes Murphey Neurologic & Spine Institute 1211 Union Ave.
Memphis TN, 38104
Phone: 901-380-8181
Spinal Cord Stimulator
Dr. Ann Helms MD

Dr. Diane Book MD
Froedtert Hospital Neurosciences 9200 West Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53226
Phone: 414-805-3666
Michael. R. Hughes, MD
Family Practice
Western Valley Family Health 281 N. Plum
Fruita, CO 81521
Phone: 970-858-9894
Michael J. Brennan, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehab
Practical Pain Management 1410 Sherman St.
Fairfield, CT 06824
Phone: 203-255-6780
Michael Moon, MD
Pain Management
Interventional Pain Management 3636 Nobel Drive
Suite 401
San Diego, CA 92122
Phone: 858-202-1546
Joel Kent, MD Univ of Maryland
Kernan Orthopedics and Rehab
220 Kernan Dr.
Baltimore, MD 21207
Phone: 410-448-6824
Dr. Catherine Jarecki MD
Internal Medicine
Wenatchee Valley Medical Center 820 N. Chelan Avenue
Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: 509-663-8711
Medications & other treatment options
Dr. Irving MD
Pain Management
Swedish Medical Pain & Headache Center 1101 Madison, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206-386-2013
Medication suggestions & other treatment options
Gerald Sacks, MD
Pain Management
LA Metropolitan Medical Center 2231 S. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90018
Phone: 310-264-7314
Robert Spetzler, MD
Barrow Neurosurgical Associates, LTD 2910 N.3rd Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85013
Phone: 602-406-4856
Larry J. Winikur, MD
Pain Management
Peidmont Pain Medicine 10384 Martinsville Hwy
Danville, VA 24541
Phone: 434-685-7855
Robert Wasenwasser, MD
Jefferson University Hospital 900 Walnut St.
Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-955-7000
Dr. Lenz, MD
John Hopkins
Baltimore MD
Meyer Building
Room 8-181
600 N. Wolfe St
Baltimore, MD 21287
Phone: 410-955-2257
Marvin Bleiburg, MD
Michigan Spine and Pain Mt Pleasant, MI
Gaylord, MI
West Bloomfield, MI
Richard Penn, MD
Chicago 180 Harvester Drive
Burr Ridge, Illinois 60527
Phone: 773-702-9200
Florida Neurology Group
(see website for several Doctors)
Florida Neurology Website
Paul Sansone, MD
Anesthesia/Pain Medicine
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center One Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, NH 03756
Phone: 603-653-0642
Robert Holtzin, DO
Family Medicine
MD VIP Personal Healthcare 802 Tilton Road
Suite 103
Northfield, NJ 08225
Phone: 609-277-7382



53 thoughts on “Doctors in the U.S.A. who understand Central Pain Syndrome”

  1. Another fabulous caps doctor is at Vanderbilt university. His last name is hantoon. Can’t think of his first name want to say Richard or Robert. After being misdiagnosed for four years following a status seizure episode that left me with a stroke and left sided weakness. Intense pain in my foot and excruciating burning. Went to multiple doctors neuros everything and kept being told it was in my head and I was drug seeking. Was at my wits end when I talked to my former epileptologist at Vanderbilt. He referred me and the minute the doc saw me said I know exactly what is wrong with you. What a relief to just know someone not only believed me but knew what was wrong ! He came from mayo clinic and I still struggle with it. Especially hard is that I am 30 years old and was very active before. But I thank god every day for Dr hantoon and would love for other people to realize there are answers and its not in your head !

    1. Dear Amanda, you are a blessing! We went to emergency today as my boyfriend knows when he goes they do not know what they are dealing with so they just give him a shot as you know does virtually nothing. We go to Dr’s in the Nashville region, and have looked extensively for 3 years for help. This Thursday we go to see results from test once again with no hope of help from any of it. He has gone down in just two excruciating and painful weeks with blood pressure so high can not function. This is the first hope we have had. I am so glad I did a research and did not give up! Thank you!

      1. Apologies his name is Marc huntoon and he is the chief of the pain management department. He is in the 100 oaks location about ten minutes from the main campus. I can’t say enough good things about him. We are looking at trying a spinal chord stimulator soon and I am anxious to see the results. Very patient very kind and doesn’t treat you like a drug addict. Best of luck to you. Any questions you can e mail me at

    2. Is it HOOTEN? Interesting if it is because he was HORRIBLE to me when I was at Mayo in 2006 post Thorocotomay for a Thoracic disc that had compressed my spinal cord causing atrophy and permanent damage. He is an anesthesiologist?? Guess it depends on when it is during their life maybe he WOKE up AFTER he was so NASTY and uncaring to me. Barbie

  2. Please add Dr. Forest Tennant, he’s treated intractable pain for over 30 yrs. Saved many lives. Info at Editor of a great magazine, too, Practical Pain Management at

    1. I would like to see Dr.Tennant added to this list as well. I live in Virginia, a wasteland for pain care, and travel to California every 90 days for treatment of what he calls ‘Chronic Intractable Pain Disease.’ I’m 63 and have had severe pain all of my adult life. With his help, I have had my HIGHEST QUALITY OF LIFE I have ever had for three and a half years and without him I would be housebound. Please go to:

      for a list of his many articles, note especially his article called “Centralized Pain”: A New Consensus Phrase” which is located near the top of a long list of his articles.

  3. I agree with “thepainjournal” above – Dr. Forest Tennant helped to diagnose my CPS branching out from my adhesive arachnoiditis and has been a HUGE help in treating my pain. But I just heard devastating news: Dr. Tennant passed away as of August 2nd, 2013. I don’t know any details yet but I can tell you that the pain community lost a GREAT hero this weekend with his loss.

  4. Hi CPS members. I have had an undiagnosed pain syndrome for 2+ years that has resulted in long tern disability and needing to stay in bed almost all day on most days. My symptoms seem to match CPS the closest but still cannot find a doctor that can provide a diagnosis, much less any pain relief.
    My primary symptoms are groin and lower abdomen pain in the 9 out of 10 level, with pain shooting down into both legs and up into my lower chest.
    I have been to Mayo Clinic in Florida and after 3 intensive days of testing told they just could not help me except to refer me to their pain rehab clinic which was booked up for 6 months. Since I live in VA, we decided to keep looking. I found a Dr Lenz in Neurology at Johns Hopkins listed on this site so reached out to them. But after reviewing my records (but no visit), Neurology referred me to the JH Pain Clinic without any further explanation.
    So I am scheduled to visit their pain clinic in 3 weeks, but I am really torn as to whether it’s worth the effort. I have already been through the University of VA Pain Clinic and after striking out with everything (targeted nerve blocks, narcotics of all types, etc.) they could try, finally told they couldn’t help my pain.
    Is it worth the extreme effort to go to another pain clinic, even if it is located at Johns Hopkins?? Any thoughts?

    Thanks a bunch!

  5. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on
    the video to make your point. You definitely know what youre talking about, why throw
    away your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving
    us something enlightening to read?

  6. Would love to see this page made into more than a list of docs with feedback at the bottom. How about each doc is clickable, and people are able to add feedback and/or rate them, add what illnesses/issues they’re known to treat, types of care provided, etc. Some docs are said to treat pain when in reality, they only do X Y or Z therapy. And anyone with severe pain knows, this sort of disease is NEVER ‘one size fits all.’ A Q/A page that perhaps included a few set questions and one fill-in question may be achievable via WordPress. I know they offer the ability to do surveys–so if there was a page on each doc, that may work. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hello Heather, Seem to be running into you. I’m in agreement with you re making this page more user friendly. As to what brought me here – I received an email saying a new post was made and then read the sad comment from Linda below. In the language of science, a theory carries a lot of weight. A theory implies facts behind it. It seems many, even DOCTORS, do not understand the difference between a theory and an hypothesis (which would have been a better word for Dr. Bennett to use if that is how he feels; however, I strongly believe in centralized pain as explained by Dr. Tennant.

  7. With regards to the different doctors listed that are specialists, I called several offices for help and got no help. I live in Arizona and called all offices for help with Central Pain syndrome information for my doctor which is Dr. Ronald Bennett, he said when I visited his office that CPS is a theory and not fact, please help me!! I am in Bullhead City and I would like to set up a club orginazation here to let people know this is for real. I am in such pain, Just had MRI done this week and hope something can be done.

    1. Linda, are you able to travel to the Los Angeles area. Dr. Tennant has his office there (in West Covina) and he has helped me SO MUCH. I was in agony for year after year until I met him and was accepted as a patient. I can honestly say that my quality of life is better now at age 64 than it was in my twenties. The downside is I have to travel to the West Coast from Virginia every 90 days but it sure beats agony.

      1. Louis I live in VA too. I have CPS diagnosed by a very good pain Dr here in Norfolk VA, his name is Dr. Robert Hansen he’s also a neurologist and a psychiatrist if you want his address and number let me know he’s made my Quality quality of life a lot better.

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  9. I have central pain as a result of brain surgery for epilepsy. I’ve had this pain for 7 years now (I’m 35), and have tried everything I can think of, but no success. I have just made an appointment to see Dr. Forest Tennant in California. Does anyone have an opinion on this, was it a good thing to do? Does he help people with pain when others have not, i.e. enable people to live a life, or is that just a pipe dream? Meant as a blunt question….I’d give my life savings to be able to live again. I’ve read some good things, but have not been able to really “talk” with someone about this. I just hope I’ve done the right thing, and that my hopes are realistic….I have nowhere else to turn, so like others in this boat, I found I’ve become a little skeptical of practically everything/every hope I have. Well, thanks to all. And thank you for this website!

    1. Kristina, I am a patient of Dr. Tennant and you have done the right thing. I’m 65 and lived nearly my whole life in chronic centralized pain. With Dr. T’s help, I now have the highest quality of life I’ve ever had. He is not opiophobic at all. I am on an ultra-high dose and he has given me my life back for over 4 years now! Contact me if you wish at

    2. Kristina, hello and thank you for your words here. I’m 59 and have central pain syndrome, also called thalamic pain syndrome. Mine was the result of a brain stem stroke in 2014. Have intractable, level 10 pain, 24/7….it is a deep burning on the entire left side of my body, from my foot to my chin. I never new the body could feel this kind of burning pain. ALL pain meds of every kind have failed and I too have not found anyone that can help. The only thing that has sustained me is my faith in Christ, or I would have cashed out a long time ago. I am sorry for the pain you are suffering with. All I have these days is a ministry of prayer and encouragement to others who are what I refer to as “in trouble.” Sickness, disease, pain, suffering, — whatever you want to call it. I will be lifting you up in prayer, asking for God’s healing mercies and to give you strength to get through each day.
      God’s richest blessings,
      Gregg (

  10. Kristina, you HAVE made a good choice. Dr Tennant’s treatment honestly saved my life! Like “Louisva” before me in this thread, I have a quality of life I never expected to have again because of 7+ years of his (and now his associate’s, whom he trained) high-dose opioid AND hormone supplement therapy. I have central pain syndrome and 4 other centralized, intractable pain syndromes that all carry a pain level at the TOP of the McGill Pain Scale; all of which send screaming pain through my central spinal cord, which is where my damage is – well, centered.My spinal nerves are actually stuck in scar tissue from my waist down and so they tear several times every MINUTE… My injury happened after a plane crash and workers comp tearing a hole in the lining of my spinal cord. Instead of putting all the details here, you can Google (any search engine) my name “Radene Marie Cook” and read any of the story’s that come up. My treatment has done so much for me that I am now a national advocate and several stories have been written about that journey. THAT’s what a blessing Dr. Tennant’s treatment has been in my life and in so many others. Have hope and God bless you.

  11. OMG, I just realized that you are the artist that did “Pain – Divided Soul” that’s hanging in Dr. Tennant’s office. Amazing work!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like it! AND I’m so glad you, too, have been so helped by Dr, Tennant’s therapy. Thank you very much for telling me about your advocate organization as well. I had never heard of it before and after seeing the website, I really want to check it out. My husband and I AND my best friend also (ANOTHER patient of Dr. Tennant’s) are involved in a few different organizations (IPPU-Intractable Pain Patients United and US Pain Foundation) but our greatest desire is that we all come together in ALL of our varied organizations to stand together and yell, “We are NOT addicts and we DESERVE treatment that works!”.

      1. Radene, your painting hits me in much the same way as Munch’s “The Scream.” It’s hard to quantify how much better I feel – like 2 different lives. I can now make plans and even do light physical work by pacing (3 hours at most) – that’s from being house bound 5 years ago. It is great to meet you. I’m in W. Covina now. Had my appt. last week – my wife, Kristen Ogden (btw I’m Louis Ogden) volunteers in his office whenever we come from our home in Virginia.

      2. Very interested in your foundation! I have seen Dr T for years now see an associate due to insurance…Dr. Hy is so very sweet and kind too… I’ve been greatly helped ….can’t function w/o meds.. Have centralized pain, ddd, peripheral neuropathy, fms long list 😉 I’d love too help in advocating help for intractable pain patients and cps.

      3. I’m so scared for my life, I got into a near fatal car accident in April 2014 and have been left with a TBI and chronic pain that is widespread, back, neck, and chronic myofacial trigger point syndrome, there have been many times I’ve just wanted to pass on even on opioids, my Dr in Georgia had me on lower dose of 10 mg and I was bed ridden for 1 year and a half still in pain, then my body crashed even further, now bed ridden in a dark room for 3 months , every month telling my Dr and begging for more relief, finally after I begged my husband to take me to Canada for an assisted suiside he said to take double my opioids to see if it even helps, it actually did, it was the first time I could actually breath in a year. My husband went in with me the next visit and the Dr said he needed confirmation I was bed ridden in the dark, finally he adjusted my medicine to 30 mg every 4-6 hours. I cut them in half and in a quarter to be as close to 20 mg as possible, After a couple months I was able to take 15 mg every 3 hours to help it last to the next dose. I have a lot of break through pain. Then after our accident case ended we moved home to Idaho where no one will treat me. They are taking my medicine down to only 60 mg a day as or DEA guidelines. Even though they see I need them they are not willing to go past DEA recommendations, multi Dr’s here are following this protocol. For the first time since my accident Dr Tennant is the only one who actually understands my disease, as I watch his you tube videos and just sobbed in joy that someone was actually telling me every iseue I have. I normally stumble on my medical cause I try to explain everything anfpd they just say wow, you are complex., I’d tell Dr it feels like my whole body is filled with inflammation and they’d just say, I see you say that but normally someone who has pain with inflammation their hands are really swollen up, or their knuckles and so on. I just email Dr tennant hoping and praying he will take me, im willing to travel to him for help. He actually has other options like HCG to help too! It’s amazing to see him so dedicated to actually help and care. I’m so scared for ny next appointment is on Feb 7 th where they are taking another 10 pills from me. If he doesn’t take me I don’t know what I will do. What is best way to get him to take me? Have a Dr referral? I seen 1 bad review on google pages and it was a girl saying they are not taking any new patients. Please if there is anyway you can help me.

  12. Thank you so much to both Radene Marie Cook and Louisva! You both have been a blessing. It has been hard to find information about Dr. Tennant’s treatment programs, but I have come to see that since every case is so different, there really is no good answer to the question. But it just gives me so much hope when I read what you both have to say, how positive you are regarding how much he has helped you, especially with what you have both dealt with throughout these years!

    I have not really responded well to any pain meds/opioids/morphine/seizure meds/antidepressants/lidocaine infusions/meds like namenda or baclofen, i.e. any medications for pain treatment I’ve tried over these past 7.5 years. The only thing which has helped a little bit has been temazepam, which I found out through trial and error. Most pain meds have actually backfired, either horrific headaches (different sensations from my central pain) terrible rashes all over (I’m very fair skinned, a red head) or some other bad side effect. Although I’m sure there are meds I have not tried out there, I hope this is not a factor held against me (thinking about his admission form) I haven’t had one pain free moment for 7.5 years, so he’s the only hope I really have left.

    Thank you both, and God bless you as well, my friends!

  13. I too have been seen Dr. Tennant. His website is invaluable. He has published over 300 articles and even has a section you can copy off to give to your Dr. He has detailed Intractable pain guidelines in a handbook that makes so much more sense beyond opiates or invasive procedures that for me did not work at all. I am hopeful with the therapies that he is using with hormone replacement with HCG and Oxytocin to help with Neurogenesis ( actually hoping to HEAL the nerves) I have SEVERE degenerative disc disease with a double fusion in my cervical region and then a Thoracic disc removal due to spinal cord atrophy and myelopathies. I then was hit in 2013 while waiting at a light by a truck and trailer. Over the months after the accident I kept falling and had severe symptoms like my cord was being compressed again. I then had pain and parathesias in all four extremities and my abdomen and severe headaches. It was very hard to justify or diagnose because it changed consistently and it made me feel crazy. I have been told that it was an additional concussion to the spinal cord. The sad part is that I had been doing extremely well until the accident but all hell broke lose with the centralization of the pain. I have pain over my entire body and it changes by the moment. There is no cure for CPS but what I think I like most about Dr. Tennant is that he gave me a toolbox of things to try that work as dynamically as the pain itself. Am I out of pain NO absolutely not but the greatest changes that have been made is the knowledge that I am believed and someone is with me on this journey that understands. I also realize tha moment to moment I have the power to wait til the pain gets better again. Having the toolbox allows me to try different things to feel better. One of the most surprising to me was the VaIium cream that I can use on muscle spasms. I can feel the knots being relieved over about a 20 min time period. Overall I have more energy, my head is clearer, I feel empowered and I have begun to take on life again by volunteering where I can and finding ways to help other people. I was unable to barely get out of bed 6 months ago and was not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time. He is a bit unconventional so take a deep breath and take in his genuine care and kindness and follow his information on the website as far as diet and supplements so that you get the best advantage as you can. Barbie

    1. Barbie, congrats on your improved pain. I am also a patient of Dr. Tennant and have been for almost 5 years. I’ve gone from agony with a 9-10 on the ten point pain scale to a 3 most of the time. I am 65 and have had pain all of my adult life and some of my childhood as well; however, now I am having my highest quality of life I’ve ever had as an adult. I am not familiar with Valium cream as a topical for muscle spasms and, thanks to you, I’m going to ask him about this on my next appt. I’m happy for you, Barbie!

  14. I just called Dr. Tennant’s office today and unfortunately they said they can’t take any more new patients at this time. I hope somebody can help me figure out where to go and what to do next. I have central pain from an unknown source, but it is surely CPS. Only 25 now and I really need to control it.

  15. Ohio has passed ridiculous laws, such that doctors are afraid to prescribe, and my doctor dropped me (illegally and unethically). I can’t find a new doctor and cannot be tortured anymore. Mine was caused by being in a house with a slow carbon monoxide leak, where I’d suddenly lose consciousness, with body stiffening, flipping over, and landing head first… over 70 times in 3-4 years, resulting in traumatic brain injuries, spine injuries, CNS injury, etc. There were also TIA’s (small strokes) and partial seizures. The pain suddenly shot out all over my body and has been literally torturous. But I can’t take antidepressants or anticonvulsants due to long qt syndrome. Pain meds have allowed me to function, but without them it literally feels like I’m being tortured by several people with different crude instruments. I’ve tried all kinds of alternative therapies to no avail and even more pain (as in acupuncture, chiropractic).

    It’s even more disturbing that doctors aren’t even treating patients. There are “nurse practitioners” and “physician assistants” prescribing and treating patients unsupervised, while doctors are making millions pushing & performing risky surgical procedures. My neighbor just died from back surgeries gone bad. Do you know there is now a pain condition called “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome”? It’s disgusting!!

    I haven’t been able to find help anywhere, and will be forced to end things because I cannot be a burden anymore. I was just going to start working part-time again when my doctor dropped me. And being a former Engineer who absolutely loved working, it’s been distressing enough. I will just have to write out the despicable truth before I die so people will know what is really going on in the world… or at least the US with their scam “drug war”, which is really to allow them to “make a killing”, making a fortune, by killing real patients in horrific pain.

  16. Add Dr Adam Hy to your list. Me is an associate of Dr Tennant and is in Rowland Heights CA. He will treat chronic and intractable pain and is so very sweet, kind and understanding…takes he time and listens to give you the best treatment plan. Speaks too you on the phone every month. Contact me if you have questions.

  17. Elizabeth, can you reply with an email address? I am in need of a new doctor who will listen to me without the constrained viewpoint of “I could lose my license”. While decreasing my meds after a recent accident where I was rear ended on the 101 and then the car that hit me got hit. It’s become such a joke, where his PA just writes a rx every 2 weeks (has to get that copay twice a month) and forcing me to get epidurals (“to justify giving me medications” aka what I call white collar extortion). It’s quite depressing to think about. And, the anxiety the situation causes as I don’t like the injections (don’t get any relief and I get spasms- so I freak out thinking it will paralyze me if I do get a spasm during the procedure) and the fact that it’s become a routine because my input is falling on deaf ears.

  18. Dr. Tennant is DEFINITELY the man who saved my life!!! Adhesive arachnoiditis, central pain syndrome, CRPS-type II, severe epidural fibrosis, dysautonomia… all the fun stuff. I was bed bound and actually dying before I came to him. I thank God all the time I was able to get my life back and pain CONTROLLED ( not gone of course, but controlled) now I am with Dr. Costello, another associate of his and the “San Gabriel Intractable Pain Network.” He is teaching other doctors what it takes to treat very severe intractable patients like us.

    1. If you could send me info on his associates I’m in need of a Dr that understand and can treat me as Dr tennant. I’m hoping he can take me but if not I need alternatives.

  19. Hello Everyone I am in desperate need of finding a specialist in the archnoidis area in NC. I had a really bad L4 lumbar epidural steriod injection in March 2016 My doctors have no clue about Archnoidis and are saying that they think the injection caused an onset of Fibroyaligia. I really need to make sure that this is or is not archnoidis from this injection. Does anyone know of a specialist in NC

    1. Prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Tennant’s I went to a pain specialist near Charlotte, NC. He practices at; Pain & Orthopedic Neurology & his name is Dr. Anthony Wheeler. He worked with nurse practitioner Tina Kajowski (hope I spelled that correctly) & she is wonderful. At that time I thought I was having severe migraines & was participating in The Clinical Trial to approve Botox for migraines w/ Dr. Wheeler.
      I later learned that my diagnosis was much more complex than migraines, not that I discount the pain of migraine sufferers at all. Migraine pain is horrific! I hope this is helpful!

  20. Excellent analysis – I was fascinated by the specifics . Does someone know where my business might grab a sample MI FIS 2257 version to fill out ?

  21. Hi,
    I am trying to find Drs who work or treat patients who have had Thalmic Strokes… any and all information would be helpful.. I live in Paducah Ky.
    Thanks so much!

  22. Sorry Misty , I had a thalmic 2years ago. However I live in PA.but here is the treatment I have been using that allows me to live a normal life. 60 mg of duloxetine and 300gm of Lyrica daily. I loved hearing from everyone.Can you who used Dr. Tennen tell us what he did for you. I also tried acupuncture with no help I am always searching for better help . I still have the pins and nettles in my arm and side but less pain and cramping. Happy holidays to all.

  23. Dr. Tennant is retiring for a second time now that malpractice is only covering PM doctors. Although he is a Doctor of Public Health, and during the 60’s-70’s, when opioids were needed, you had to see a D.PH as no other doctors could prescribe them. Now insurance companies are taking the CDC recommendations as the standard of good care and therefore will not cover Tennant for more than 80-90 mg Morphine equivalent (MME). Since the PM doctors restricted their boards to basically anesthesiologists, Tennant can’t be covered. So he can no longer provide the care he needed too. He also has his own health and he and his wife have been working 10 hour days for many years again. So as of 31 March 2017, he is closing his doors. People need to get their records from his office by the 31st March.

  24. Dr. Forest Tennant saved my life! Now he is being regulated into retirement. I admire Dr.Tennant & his wife Miriam for coming out of retirement to serve the worst of the worst intractable pain patients, like myself, that no other doctor would help. The Tennant’s deserve to be able to enjoy a wonderful retirement! However he is being forced to stop practicing Intractable Pain Mgmt. by the California Medical Board. After saving countless lives & becoming the foremost expert in centralized intractable pain management HE IS BEING TOLD THAT HE IS NOT A PAIN SPECIALIST! What a slap in the face! He should be able to retire on his own terms with pride. Dr. Tennant’s degree was in Internal Medicine & because of changes in regulations he was excluded from taking the boards to be a Certified Pain Management MD. If anyone wants to thank Dr. Tennant I urge you to write the California Medical Board & ask them to reconsider their decision! I do not suggest this because I want him to continue working forever but because he deserves the recognition he has earned!
    I don’t know where I will go from here & I am truly terrified to face the quality of life I had before Dr. Tennant helped me. If anyone knows of a
    physcian who cares for his or her patients like Dr.Tennant please post. Thank You.

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