Philip Watson: Poet of CPS


I walk alone

Where I walk, I walk alone
companions I have none
my heart now like a stone
my soul without a sun,
across my mind cold winds blow,
dark thoughts long shadows throw,
where nought, save seeds of despair may grow,
all love, all hope, is gone.

-Philip Watson

Burned Bridges

You burned your bridges,
Tore down your world.
Cursing careless deeds,
A bitter future unfurled.
Lost in self hate
With nowhere to turn,
Uncaring of fate
You watched your world burn.
Life? makes you laugh!
How pitiful it seems.
How delicate your heart,
How fragile your dreams.
There’s nothing left now, nowhere to go.
You’re left asking “How?”
… You reap as you sow!

-Philip Watson


1 thought on “Philip Watson: Poet of CPS”

  1. Philip, I want to send YOU a copy of my ‘Central Pain Syndrome’ book. How can I do that? I can send eBook via e-mail IF I had an e-mail address. Sending you a printed copy would require a mailing address. OK? Thanks.

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